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'ASPIRE' is about the endless pursuit of
creative fulfillment & a desire to never stop progressing in your craft.


:90 SEC 


James Short // Basketball Player

Felix Myers // Skateboarder

Gabriel Tesfaye // Painter

Mike Esiobu // Boxer

Neeks // Stunting Motorcyclist

ASPIRE // Unfinished Legacy

Directed/DP by Cody LaPlant & Found Format

Producer: Jordan Larson

Gaffer: Spencer Ortega

Grip: George Sande

1st AC: Randy Lorenz

Cocoon Builder: Jackson

FPV drone pilot: Ian Tunney

FPV drone tech: Logan Lien

Editors: Kyle Kadow & Cody LaPlant

Colorist: Kyle Kadow

Sound Design: Steven Cleavland

Music: Tahj Keeton, Ichiko Aoba, Khal!l, Edith Piaf

Talent: Gabriel Tesfaye, Neeks, Felix Meyers, Mike Esiobu, Jackie Velasquez, James Horton, Javien Johnson, Mo Brema, Otto Ohlsson, Delany Mazurek

BTS video: Jack Thomas

Production Company: Take7 Productions

Special thanks to: House of Rad, Dropout Fightclub, Zak Brema, North American Camera

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